miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

Nicolás Martín Cuenca      4ºB

I’m going to choose Gibraltar Project, because this project was one of the best of the last year. 

I love traveling so I enjoyed a lot this travel. We did a list of things before the project, like tasks, practising vocabulary and speaking.

We used the app Aurasma to do a virtual-reality map of Gibraltar.

 Also we plan the typical things of a travel, like eat, interesting things to do, giving directions, etc.

 But the best part of the project was the experience of being in Gibraltar. I had a lot of very good memories in Gibraltar. 

We did a giving directions video, because when you travel, you need to know  how to ask for a location.

Also we wrote a post card!!! 

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  1. So you learnt a comunicative function: giving directions and the dialogue is the evidence, isn't it?